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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] From ADM: Another thought on your inquiry

Hi Eric.    (01)

Yes, I'm aware.    (02)

1) I want to be able to put a link to another admtopic in an admtopic. Couldn't
see any way to do that.
2) Be able to choose the application that opens the file formats on a per file
basis. I.e. I might have two html files, but I might want to have one of them
always open in Notepad.
3) Ability to change the fonts would go along way towards improving the
interface.    (03)

Peter    (04)

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Subject: [ba-unrev-talk] From ADM: Another thought on your inquiry    (05)

> Hi there,
> In glancing again at your inquiry below, I suddently wondered whether you were
aware that you can instantly link *any* file in any format to any adm topic via
drag-and-drop or icon or menu item?  (Such linked files open when activated in
their native applications.)
> Cordially, Eric
>  Peter Jones
> wrote: Dear Eric Sommer (ADM Staff),
> I've been playing with this tool a little.
> website: http://www.adm21.net
> Your website makes some bold claims for it.
> "You have just found the most powerful personal knowledge-management and
> outliner program on Earth..."
> "This program has the ability to manage all the information (including URL's
> files), all the projects, all the writing, and all the creative brainstorming
> your life ..."
> "ADM is a Godsend for
> Whilst it has many attractive features, I'm puzzled by what appears to be a
> proprietary file format.
> Could you please explain why it doesn't have an XML or similar open file
> Regards,
> --
> Peter
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