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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] GPL: Socialist Agenda?

Eric -     (01)

Thanks for the post.     (02)

You're right, of course.    (03)

My notion was to challenge/refute/dialogue, not appeal.    (04)

-jtm    (05)

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Teemu Leinonen wrote:    (07)

> John Maloney wrote:
> > (James) Gosling: ... The GPL one is, I
> > find, rather odd because it has this string socialist agenda that 
> > basically says intellectual property is bad.
> Appeal to Authority - Improper appeal to authority.    (08)

On the contrary.    (09)

Were the post to have said, "Gosling said so, therefore it must be
*that* would be an improper appeal to authority.    (010)

In this post, however, Gosling was *cited*, and his reasoning was given.
I find it persuasive.    (011)