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[ba-unrev-talk] Where is Doug?

I will share what I know:    (01)

1. He sent a note to the OHS list on the issue of IP ownership as
discussions about the Colloquium speaker agreement were flowing
strongly.     (02)

2. He lurks around both the OHS and UNrev lists.    (03)

He is very concerned to get the Hyperscope project off the ground.     (04)

All his available time and energy is devoted to that.    (05)

The OHS and UNrev discussion follows where the posts lead them -
There is a natural flow. While it happens not to be specifically on the
strategic issues related to Bootstrapping, there are many paths to
heaven.    (06)

Good information gets posted, there's good people here.     (07)

This is a good discussion group. I for one, am happy that it exists and
brings up the wealth of knowledge and perspective on Bootstrapping
projects.    (08)

If discussion participants are interested in emerging to lead more
specific dialogue on exactly what Doug is trying to do with the
Hyperscope, the right place to do it is on Open Hyperdocument System
(OHS) list found at
ba-ohs talk@bootstrap.org  To contribute meaningfully to the discussion
the pre-requisites are to have read the following:    (09)

1962 http://www.bootstrap.org/augment/AUGMENT/133182-0.html 
The seminal paper: Augmenting the Human Intellect     (010)

1992 http://www.bootstrap.org/augment/AUGMENT/133182-0.html
Towards High-Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware    (011)

2000 http://www.bootstrap.org/augment/BI/2120.html
Draft OHS Project Plan    (012)

It is one of Doug's strongest regrets that there has been insufficient
interest and discussion on the BI2120 paper which appeared in October
2000.    (013)

We are actively working with several different organizations to do joint
project proposals to get Hyperscope-related projects funded. Such
projects must revolve around Doug's specific approach and concept of the
Hyperscope, and involve deep dialogue on how to experiment and move
forward.     (014)

Doug, at 77, is intensely committed to helping us realize how much more
needs to be done to solve urgent complex problems. He is adamant it must
be on his terms - not because of a large ego, or an unreasonable
conviction that he is right. I've now been volunteering and working with
Doug for a year and can see that his stubborn conviction that we need to
start on an evolvable framework based on purposeful communities is based
on sound reasoning and clear experience of how easy it is to get
diverted into fun side tracks.    (015)

Gerald Pierce's explanation of what it was like at his semiconductor
supplier company is very apropos in highlighting the type of social and
organizational problem that is encompassed and anticipated in Doug's
approach to complex urgent problems - the technology is a critical but
small component in the overall Engelbart Framework.    (016)

Mei Lin Fung
mlf@bootstrap.org    (017)

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On Saturday, September 21, 2002, at 09:06  AM, Gerald Pierce wrote:
> I LOVE that statement.  TRUE Bootstrapping!  "Clearly I'm
> having a bad brain day."     ROFL.  Maybe we can rope Douglas
> Hofstadter into the newsgroup.    (019)

That brings up a question I've been wondering about for some time...    (020)

Why isn't Douglas Englebart in this mailing list? It's about him, it's 
about his area, good information gets posted, and there's good people 
here.    (021)

   spwhite@chariot.net.au    (022)