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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Where is Doug?

Sorry everyone.     (01)

Here is the correct link for the 1992 paper.     (02)

http://www.bootstrap.org/augment/AUGMENT/132811.html    (03)

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Mei Lin,    (05)

Thank you for the links.    (06)

I notice that the second one is identical to the first.  Please repost
link for the 1992 paper.    (07)

	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-    (08)

I reread the Draft OHS Project Plan. I had forgotten this.  I notice
that I
don't operate in reference to it.  I have some quick impressions, ones I
have held back in the past:    (09)

1.  The OHS Project Plan is rather fixed, or seems so. In that it has an
implicit architecture and approach, and some details are stated.  It is
here is what to build, but not enough grounding in what is being
and then what is the room for flexibility in achieving that.  This is an
impression, on a Thursday morning where I am fighting a cold.  I
for not having a more-reasoned analysis.  But it is kind of like walking
into a richly-plotted movie in the middle. A difficulty I find is that I
not sure what is essential and what is incidental or merely a suggested
implementation.  It's like the answer is already in hand.  So I've been
ignoring that or maybe even paying lip-service to it.  I'm enrolled in
OHS concept but not so much that this is the form it has to take.    (010)

2.  I notice that there is a big assumption about translators and having
intermediate form.  That's a major presumption, and the
science's track record at that sort of thing is not terribly great.  I
interested in that aspect, but it is not clear that we have a good model
working the legacy cases with much economy.  (I swear I raised this
before, but it might not have been here.)  In many ways, this could end
the same as trying to solve the problem the semantic web is intended to
address.  I am personally not that confident about the prospects here.
think a huddle between Doug and Terry Winograd might be valuable in this
context.)    (011)

3.  Well then, what is a lad to do.  I must be hanging out here for some
reason better than pissing on someone else's parade.    (012)

3.1 I think there is a lot of ground that has not been covered in
collaborative work via the internet and digital resources. That's an
intellectual posture for me though, not one grounded in deep experience.
And I just have it that there is a pony in here somewhere.  And this
has people who have rich experience and many bright ideas.    (013)

3.2 The requirement for legacy support, publicly-owned specifications
formats, and architectures that outlive their creators are all very
important.    (014)

3.3 It is when I step back and see what lights me up in this endeavor,
it is
how it features in the eternal quest to know who we are, where we are,
what's it about.  And the community of seekers is distributed over time
few thousand years at least) and space (this planet and orbital space,
least).  The structure that holds our endeavors in existence is writing,
language, and culture, now expanding into cyberspace.  And it is with
structures that we support the cooperative and coordinated activities of
human society, situating ourselves in the endless journey.    (015)

-- orcmid    (016)

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[ ... ]    (019)

1962 http://www.bootstrap.org/augment/AUGMENT/133182-0.html
The seminal paper: Augmenting the Human Intellect    (020)

1992 http://www.bootstrap.org/augment/AUGMENT/133182-0.html
Towards High-Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware    (021)

2000 http://www.bootstrap.org/augment/BI/2120.html
Draft OHS Project Plan    (022)

It is one of Doug's strongest regrets that there has been insufficient
interest and discussion on the BI2120 paper which appeared in October
2000.    (023)

[ ... ]    (024)

Mei Lin Fung
mlf@bootstrap.org    (025)

[ ... ]    (026)