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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] GPL?

Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Now there is lots of cyber-lawyering on what "derivative work" means.  Those
> who fear the GPL think it would taint things like the operating system you
> run it on and scripts that link to it or bind the GPL'd work into other
> things.  Microsoft makes scare statements about that sort of thing.
> Stallman has made statements that suggest he holds that view too.  But
> Stallman is not a Federal judge, nor are the anti-GPL wonks at Microsoft.    (01)

..and the US Federal Judge is not the International Law.    (02)

It's good to remember that, most of the people in the Globe are not 
under the US jurisdiction.    (03)

Maybe the copyright issues (GPL etc.) will push USA to develop the 
International Law with other Nations - maybe not.    (04)

- Teemu    (05)