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Using in PurpleSlurple in Other Programs: Was: Re: [ba-unrev-talk] PurpleSlurple into Multivalent Browser?

Peter, Multivalent Browser looks very cool. I look forward to
using/reviewing it more deeply soon. I am hopeful that others will
incorporate the PS idea into their products where feasible. I am (sadly) no
programmer. If there is anything I do well it is connecting dots. I look at
a box of parts and see a system, sometimes ahead of the pack, seldom earth
shattering, often obvious. I am an engineer. (Surely this was obvious ;)    (01)

Fortunately programmers have given us scripting languages to enable people
like me and others to glue things together. So I am a crafts person with a
glue gun (a bit frightening if you've ever used one of those things and not
a wholly inaccurate description).    (02)

But I feel I have a role to play. I am (I think) an important part of the
feed back loop. I may not be the guy out on the frontier as Doug has
described it, but I am interested and willing to play with the technology
those on the bleeding edge bring back. Sometimes, I suspect, when you're out
there looking ahead it's hard to see what's around you, you need a wingman.    (03)

I've looked through the legs of giants. (you can quote me on that).    (04)

Matthew A. Schneider    (05)

P.S. I have for several weeks now been playing around with a multipaned
browser and some php and javascripts in an attempt to tie PS into a usable
patchwork. PS3x5 (working name ;) is analogous to taking notes on 3x5 cards.
1. Do your research. 2. Take notes and bibliography info on your 3x5s. 3.
Sort, reorder, toss, the 3x5s to create your outline. 4. Write "stuff" to
fill in between the 3x5s.    (06)

Granular links remain in the finished document. All done in the context of a
browser.    (07)

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Sent: Sunday, October 06, 2002 1:49 PM
Subject: [ba-unrev-talk] PurpleSlurple into Multivalent Browser?    (08)

> This is a request specifically aimed at Matt Schneider.
> Please could you try putting PurpleSlurple tech into the Multivalent
> http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~phelps/Multivalent/
> Please.
> Please.
> Please.
> I've just had a five minute play with the Multivalent Browser and I like
it... a
> lot.
> Damn. I've just made it hang trying to use the search form on the
> sourceforge.net homepage though. It was brilliant up to that point.
> --
> Peter
>    (09)