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[ba-unrev-talk] Re: Cultural v. Technical Solutions

Great!    (01)

I suspect that the "bending to fit" is a context sort of thing, like the 
notion of a culturally-appropriate keypad in remote villages.    (02)

Back to Doug Engelbart and the original question about why a secure future 
for his vision has not emerged, I am aware of various initiatives along the 
lines of software productivity, and others.  One must still wonder why 
those are not off the ground and running.    (03)

Jack    (04)

At 12:06 AM 10/8/2002 +0100, you wrote:    (05)

> > Shall I infer that your point would be:
> > Doug Engelbart's vision of coupling masses of illogical humans to gobs of
> > technology doesn't have a prayer of achieving anything sufficiently useful
> > to be able to judge the effort worthwhile?  (being somewhat akin to
> > Gerald's earlier comments).
>[pj] No, that's absolutely not what I'm saying. I'm saying the tech needs 
>to be
>bent to fit more. I believe that's in line with Doug's thinking (??).
><massive snippage>    (06)

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