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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Seemap Visual Language System for modelingbusiness (and maybe other) forms of complexity.

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Eric -
Thanks for the message.
I had a look at the Seemap software. It was not very compelling.
I am an avid practioners in the use of simulation for KM, persuasion and change.
Here is page for some background.
My personal favorite, recommendation and tool I've been using for more than a decade is Stella/iThink.
For pure cognitive mapping, my preferred tool is MindJet --
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Hi there,

Is anyone familiar with the Seemap software and methodology for modelling business or other social processes.  The website - which includes a quickview demo - is at:  http://www.seemap.com

I have only given a cursory examination but this system strikes me as an unusually interesting - and potentially effective - use of visual language to model, grasp, and work with complexity.

Cordially, Eric Sommer

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