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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Humble pie in academia

Dennis.    (01)

Thanks for the empathy and welcome to the fellowship.    (02)

On the trivial side, ls ???? will do just fine. The examiner may object 
that with the four-letter directory names come all the directory's 
content , not just the four-letter content.    (03)

Apparently, I do much of that lurking into what is unsaid and in the 
process: (a) lose a lot of time, (b) burn up energy wastefully, (c) find 
all sorts of errors in the textbooks, (d) find that textbook authors 
have a poor grasp of logical expose of the material, (e, f, g, h, ... 
notably that instructors' errors readily become students' errors at exam 
time.)    (04)

I believe it important that textbooks go electronic as soon as possible 
so that all their faults can be quickly eliminated. Textbook publishers 
have there sales representatives all over teachers' offices while the 
actual users are left out of the picture. I also believe that teachers 
(professors) ought to have read the books they assign to students.    (05)

In both my courses, the teachers declared right off the bat that the 
books assigned were not their choice and, in fact, found them bad. While 
one course still follows the assigned book, the other has run totally 
away from it and thereby leaving students utterly dependent on hastely 
scribbled notes taken during rapid-fire talk. Those are evening students 
holding down jobs during the day. The experience makes me wonder how bad 
a teacher I was in my day! Anyway, there is much to be learned here 
besides the course content.    (06)

Henry    (07)

P.S. For your Java course, don't buy Lambert & Osborne. I could write a 
book about its deficiencies. To think how much the wretched authors have 
put into it!    (08)

Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:    (09)

>Well, we could go off and talk about toolcraft and the pitfalls thereof, as
>well as focusing on syntactic versus semantic knowledge and other things.
>For example, one usually learns how to solve problems like the one given by
>trial and error in current settings.  I can't do that here so I will simply
>take a parachuteless plunge:
>I would have thought something like
>	ls ????
>would do the job, but I don't know for sure whether it will find matches on
>names with fewer than 4 characters.  Then I wonder if it will also pick up
>directory names and whether that is allowed in an answer.  Then I wonder
>which shell is being used and how that impacts the answer.  And what are the
>Unix regular-expressions in filenames rules these days?
>Sometimes, being an old fart means I know too much about what is lurking
>left in the unsaid and I'm left  wondering where a fresh student doesn't
>even have such distractions in the way.
>And sometimes exams aren't very well thought out and we're playing stump the
>student rather than eliciting some measure of the desired comprehension of
>the subject.
>But, you know, apropos the subject matter of ba-unrev, maybe it has us look
>at what exactly *is* knowledge and where does (which kind of) it matter?
>-- Dennis
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>N.B. Simple sample question from the UNIX exam: give a command to
>seggregate from a list of files those with four-character names. (By
>straight file manipulation; no scripts.)
>    (010)