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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] My two bits: Java Text

Eric. Matthew.    (01)

Re an evaluation of the book by Eckel, I can't, but my teacher just did 
in an email to me (I had forwarded a copy of Matthew's mail):    (02)

"If you want, and this comes with your second email about "open source 
texts" ... here is the address of the Eckel's book. I love it. I used it 
once in the very first Java course I taught.    (03)

Students hated it because it is a "professional" type of book, short, direct to the point. Good for me... tough for students...
http://www.mindview.net/Books/TIJ/ "    (04)

She also feels that I understand Java better than expected at this point in the game, but the proof of the pudding will be the midterm exam next week. Haven't come around mentioning Eric's book yet, but we are getting together next Friday for a couple of hours when I shall be trying to translate some Java gobbledygook into comprehensible notes.    (05)

For her class the notes; for me some better understanding essential to producing those notes.    (06)

And so she goes, bit by bit.    (07)

Henry    (08)

P.S. Here is a toughie for professionals:    (09)

As I mentioned before, I hope to "translate" some calculators done in BASIC into Java. One particular feature of those calculators is to transfer calculations or responses directly to some target software with the click of the mouse. For example, I might be writing something about chemistry, switch to the calculator, type in an equation or whatever, then redirect the response from the Fleabyte software, etc.straight through to the Win software.     (010)

Anybody know how to do this?    (011)

H.    (012)

Eric Armstrong wrote:    (013)

>Matthew Schneider wrote:
>>It's not open source but Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in Java", now in its third
>>edition, is available for free in various e-formats (pdf, doc, HTML). There
>>is also a companion "Annotated Solutions" available (in e-format only). Get
>>'em while their hot (2nd Ed. would seem to be the preferred choice):
>>BTW, I can not attest to the quality of this book. I did glance at an early
>>edition back in '97 or so and did come away with some better feel for OOP.
>Actually, that is an excellent book. I have a copy on my bookshelf.
>And the price is certainly right! I'm partial to my own brilliant explanatory
>prose, but Eckels does a *fine* job.
>(At the time of reading, I had acquired an understanding of O-O concepts,
>so I can't tell how good it is at presenting them to first-timers. Perhaps
>Henry can give us an eval!)
>    (014)