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[ba-unrev-talk] From Eric S.: Call to Human Augmentation people in the Bay area for Face-to-Face Dialogue!

Hi there,

Our company, Advanced Data management, is really small but also almost comically global - some programmers and my partner Arne Hermann, who owns Synercom-edi, the ticket management company are in Vancouver, Canada.; we have another programmer in Russia - and I reside in South Korea!  And our users are scattered over the known woirld.  The whole thing is put together with chewing gum and the internet.

Anyway, I'm currently visiting the San Francisco Bay area to see various people, including Douglas and his associate Mei Lin, and would also be very interested to meet any other list participants who live in this area. 

So, if you're in the bay area and want to dialogue and/or explore potential synergies related to: your own work; to Douglas work on human augmentation; to our World Wide Outline project and software ( www.worldwideoutline.net ) which is about to go into version 2.0 coding; or to the dynamic contemporary socio-cultural and Infotech and technical developments in Asia; or other matters, send me your phone number or call me and we'll set it up.

My email is eric@adm21.net or eric@worldstewards.com  or you can phone me directly at my mother's house where I'm staying for another week or so:   650-375-0398  (Please don't be shy - I'm very friendly!)

Yours for dialogue and mutual learning,

Eric Sommer, CEO, Advanced Data Management


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