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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Keeping Fleabyte on Linux

Yes, KEdit wordwrapping works nicely. I have not been able to copy/paste from
either Kate or KEdit to either Mozilla's or Netscape 4.7's Composer. Well,
more accurately: I did so at one time - by some fluke of luck. So there does
exist a combination that works.    (01)

Thanks for your effort, Matt.    (02)

Matthew Schneider wrote:    (03)

> Henry try this combo: Composer with KEdit. KEdit is more like notepad, very
> simple. Kate has more features than KEdit, but seems to have lost the nice
> "size to window" wrapping exhibited by KEdit and NotePad.
> I tried it out and I think it will work for you. Just set KEdit's word
> wrapping option under Settings > Configure KEdit > Miscellaneous to: "Let
> editor width decide".
> Here's a screenshot (I know we love 'em) of KEdit and Composer in action:
> http://mas.homelinux.net/~matsch/wrap.png
> Best regards,
> Matt
> P.S. My domain was down for a few days so mail got bounced. I'm back.    (04)