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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Online Communities

I think this is very exciting.    (01)

I would like to think we are seeing a trend.    (02)

It is reported that Brewster Kahle's "Bookmobile" can make a bound book for
about $1 in materials.  I don't know how accurate that is.  But I bet
print-on-demand kiosks, using cheaply-licensed or open-publication or
public-domain works that have been made into digital works could produce
books for under $15 apiece, retail, depending on size.  This would provide
an intermediate case before publishing, say, a full-up paperback
distribution provided through standard book distribution channels.    (03)

-- Dennis    (04)

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"But then I started hearing 'OK, fine, it's nice you've put up an
electronic version, but I want a printed and bound copy from a real
publisher.' I tried very hard to make it easy for everyone to print it
out in a nice looking format but that didn't stem the demand for the
published book. Most people don't want to read the entire book on
screen, and hauling around a sheaf of papers, no matter how nicely
printed, didn't appeal to them either. (Plus, I think it's not so cheap
in terms of laser printer toner.) It seems that the computer revolution
won't put publishers out of business after all. However, one student
suggested this may become a model for future publishing: books will be
published on the Web first, and only if sufficient interest warrants it
will the book be put on paper. Currently, the great majority of all
books are financial failures, and perhaps this new approach could make
the publishing industry more profitable."    (07)

Thomson Course Technology, are you listening? [/vE/]    (08)

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