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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Fwd: Removal Request

Wow. This stuff makes my head hurt.    (01)

So many people aare focused on maximizing their own gain
with so little concern for others...    (02)

Jack Park wrote:    (03)

> I am making this new (to me) approach to spam public.  Common sense has
> taught us NOT to reply to any opportunity to be removed from a spam list
> because that unleashes even new opportunities for spam.  This one demands
> that you reply to be removed, otherwise you will receive spam, which, it
> seems to me, will allow them to pass some litmus test regarding your
> agreement to receive spam.
> Notice, btw, the return address. It's hotpop.com.
> Here's what that Website has to say about spam:
> "This web page has been designed to assist HotPOP.com and Internet users in
> tracking unsolicited email. HotPOP.com cosiders unsolicited email (SPAM),
> to be any email not requested by the recipient. The main focus of this web
> page is understanding transmission headers to find the true source of the
> abusive email."
> Go figure...
> It's an arms race out there.
> The Sunday version of the San Jose Mercury News ran this headline on Page 11A:
> "Phone companies help telemarkers"
> The essence of the story is this:
> Some companies, eg. Verizon, offer a service (e.g. $10/month) to block
> telemarketing calls.  Americans pay $2 billion/year to block such calls.
> At the same time, the same phone companies (real phone companies named here)
> <MyEmphasis> "sell home phone numbers of the same customers who buy their
> privacy services -- unless they pay a fee to have their numbers
> unlisted."</MyEmphasis>
> Reminds me of the protection services sold by the mafia in times past.
> The phone companies are also making money selling high capacity lines and
> equipment to telemarketers.
> Some rant, huh?
> Well, if the idea is to evolve technologies and mindsets that drive to
> sustainable and profitable futures, then the concept of "perverse
> incentives" needs to be addressed.
> Couple of EURO's for the day.
> Jack
> >From: marthagoodman@HotPOP.com
> >Reply-To: marthagoodman@HotPOP.com
> >To: jackpark@thinkalong.com
> >Subject: Removal Request
> >Sender: marthagoodman@HotPOP.com
> >Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 02:33:55 +0100
> >
> >
> >WE PLAN to send you some very important information about an Automated
> >Online Recruiting System and even some notices about a Free Leads
> >Affiliate System.
> >
> >But before we send you this Free Info about Online Marketing and how to
> >make Monthly Paychecks from home, we want to make sure you are still
> >currently open to such income potential.
> >
> >IF YOU ARE NOT, then please reply to this message without removing the
> >subject line.
> >
> >IF YOU ARE....Then simply do nothing. You will receive a new email in a
> >few days with information about this unique offer.
> >
> >Thank you
> >Martha Goodman
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