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[ba-unrev-talk] Portable notebooks

Hello,    (01)

I am new to this forum and wish to ask whether a question about the 
medium of communication has been discussed?  Specifically, I am 
interested in promoting the upcoming e-ink based low power flat 
displays.  My interest arises from my desire to develop mathematics and 
physics equations and papers while walking through the woods using a pen 
and be able to communicate those results, in cleaned up typeset form, to 
anyone anywhere in the world via wireless communication.    (02)

I have met Doug Englebart (briefly once or twice) at Stanford and know 
that he keeps spiral bound notebooks of his thoughts.  He was on book 45 
the last time I met him.  I do also and have some 39 of them.    (03)

I would think that such "extended memory" devices would fit well into 
aiding the unfinished revolution.    (04)

Comments?    (05)

Douglas G. Danforth    (06)