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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Fwd: Stop Media Monopoly (MoveOn))

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> EXCERPT from Gary Richmond's communication of Fri. 2003-05-09 at 13:21:
> ... When we talk to Congresspeople about this issue, their response is
> usually the same: "We only hear from media lobbyists on this. It seems
> like my constituents aren't very concerned with this issue." ...
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> Yes, Gary, we are on a very slippery slope. The general public is
> otherwise occupied, if not with work or collecting welfare then with
> watching sitcoms and other forms of entertainment. That makes for a
> useful tool in the hands of those in power. Here is a relevant entry
> from the American Heritage Dictionary:
> bread and circuses
> PLURAL NOUN: Offerings, such as benefits or entertainments, intended to
> placate discontent or distract attention from a policy or situation.
> ETYMOLOGY: Translation of Latin pnem et circnss, a phrase coined by the
> Roman poet Juvenal : pnem, accusative singular of pnis, bread + et, and
> + circnss, circus games.
> Another stance we can take, besides writing legislators, is not to feed
> money into those media conglomerates. I'd love to see Disneyland, but I
> won't go. And I won't feed any more money into Microsoft even though
> Windows XP may well be very enticing. Is this stance effective? I doubt
> it, but what else can one do.
> Henry
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