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Advanced Data Management


Hi there,

I wanted to let Eric Armstrong, Mei Lin, and other members of the list know that our newly-released version 2.0 of the unique outliner-based knowledge management program `ADM: The Knowledge Management Desktop' is now available for free trial download.

I believe that ADM 2.0 is a serious candidate to evolve into a client for integrating data in the spirit of Douglas Engelbart's work.  It's already ideal for research, writing, and knowledge-capture, and provides the power to `organize, access, and inter-relate all of your projects and information within a single unified desktop'. You can download it now for a 30-day free trial from http://www.adm21.net

The Details:

This is a completely refurbished version of ADM. It now includes two classic collapsible outliner views of your data, and a whole slew of other additional new features which give you the ability to:

* Manage, integrate, and cross-reference all of the information, document processes, files, webpages, ·and projects in all areas of your existence.

* Build projects, documents, category systems or whole knowledge-bases at lightening speed with ADM's · 7 powerful outliner views.

* Instantly drag-and-drop links to any webpage or file onto your outliner topics.

* `Autoregister' function *automaticly* links up to thousands of selected files in just a few seconds from your hard-drive to your outlines and knowledge bases.. (In both cases topics auto-title with file or webpage names).

* `Autoview' function allows you to speed-browse through hundreds - or

even thousands - of linked files or websites within minutes.



You can also:

* View and work with linked webpages, documents and common file types

inside ADM's internal browser or* in their native applications.

* Use internal document screens to write and view notes or documents of up to 400 pages appended to *each* outline topic.

* Use the `hoist' and `super-hoist' functions to focus-in on a few

knowledge items, or zoom-out to see those items in-context - with the

click of a key or two.

* Use ADM's unique and powerful search system to further categorize,

organize, and access your information.

* Use ADM's unique new `Doc-view' to instantly view any portion of an

outline in document format in a word-processing like screen (while

retaining the power to apply powerful outliner commands to the text.)


You can download now from <http://www.adm21.net>





A professor at a leading research university says:

"...ADM is a superb software achievement. I use it to organize literally thousands of files relating to teaching and research. It has enormous scope. You can use it as a document manager, as a presentation tool or in the preparation of reports and basic office functions...ADM 2.0 places this software at the very top of its category and I believe that it can quickly and significantly improve the performance of any user." - Barry Greene PhD


Advanced Data Management Systems

Email: staff@adm21.net




Advanced Data Management Systems
Email: staff@adm21.net

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