[unrev-II] To All Colloquium Webcast Attendees

From: Peter P. Yim (yimpp@cim-oem.com)
Date: Fri Jan 07 2000 - 19:40:39 PST

This message [slightly edited now] was sent out on 1.6.2000 to all
colloquium attendees who are registered for online access. I'm posting
it again, as it contains pertinent information for all online attendees
(or on campus attendees who would want to go online to review past


Subject: Engelbart Colloquium at Stanford on Webcast Today!
   Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 13:13:29 -0800
   From: Engelbart Colloquium Admin2 <colloquium2@bootstrap.org>
Organization: Bootstrap Institute

To : All registered online attendees

Dear Colloquium Attendees and Guests,

Happy New Year!

This serves as a reminder that the Engelbart Colloquium will be opening
today. You have been properly registered to access either the Live
webcast or the async webcast (i.e. the archived seminar-on-demand

The first seminar, "The Next Frontier - How Big is Big?" will be in
session this afternoon Jan 6, 2000 at 4:00-6:30pm US Pacific Standard
Time (i.e. GMT Jan. 7, 2000 - 0:00-2:30). The archived webcast will
become available 2 hours (or sooner, if we can manage it) after the live
event. We are all looking forward to the session and to your

As we are broadcasting and are capturing the entire colloquium and its
extended activities on video, onto the Internet, etc., for archival,
reference and various other purposes, your participation is subject to
the terms and conditions on the "Permission to Use" release (see
<http://www.bootstrap.org/colloquium/permission.html>) which each
participant accepts to grant. Please ensure that they are acceptable to
you before you join us at the colloquium and in those extended

Some registrants might have missed bookmarking the webcast access page
(which was presented right after you submitted your registration
information), and we also understand that some browsers may have
bookmarked the wrong page. Therefore, please update your bookmark to
capture this URL as being your new webcast access page

When the time comes for the webcast (either live or at the time of your
choice), just go to the above URL, click on the Web Access Page link,
which will then connect you the page where the seminar will be webcast,
select the stream rate that you want to view the colloquium at and it
will prompt you for the password.

The webcast streaming video will be offered at two speeds -- 128Kbps and
28.8Kbps. Due to overwhelming interest in this colloquium and the
physical bandwidth limitations we have, a cap has been set on the number
of 128K streams that we could offer (which is on a
first-come-first-served basis). If you try to access the higher speed
(128K) stream and found that it has already maxed out, you should still
be able to access at the lower speed (28.8K).

To be sure that you will be ready for the session, especially if you
attending an SCPD live session for the first time, I strongly suggest
that you test out your system to ensure that everything is working
properly, prior to the event. See details below at the bottom of this
message. NOW, is as good a time as any, to do it.

We look forward to your joining us at the colloquium and in its extended
activities which Doug will tell you as the colloquium progresses.

Best regards,

Engelbart Colloquium Admin.


  0. From your browser, click to the webcast access page at

  1. Check that your browser is updated enough. Netscape Navigator 3.x,
Netscape Communicator 4.x, or Internet Explorer versions 3.0 or above
would suffice. [Links to download updated versions of the browser are
available in the above page. Note that you may need to download and then
install the software.]

  2. Make sure you have downloaded an updated version of the Microsoft
Media Player. [A link to downloading this software is also available in
the above page. Note that you may need to download and then install the

  3. Now, let's try testing out the setup with some archived material.
Let's use video files from "UnRev-I", the one day symposium Doug
Engelbart gave at Stanford on 12.9.98. Click to the URL
<http://stanford-online.stanford.edu/engelbart/> and scroll down towards
the lower part of that page. You will see, under "View Video", 8 icons.
Clicking on one of them should let you access one of the four sessions
from that event, at either one of the two speeds offered. Try that out
and make sure you get both video and sound.

  4. If the above tests out properly, and you have the access
"password", you are READY!

We look forward to your joining us virtually at the colloquium.


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