[unrev-II] UnRev-II first session went well

From: Peter P. Yim (yimpp@cim-oem.com)
Date: Sun Jan 09 2000 - 16:30:29 PST

From: "Peter P. Yim" <yimpp@cim-oem.com>

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To : All Engelbart Colloquium Registrants

Hi Everyone,

The much anticipated first session of the Engelbart Colloquium at
Stanford (UnRev-II) finally came. It went extremely well. Judging from
the enthusiasm we see from the on campus crowd and people who wrote in
afterwards, we are hopeful that Bootstrapping will really get a major
push this time. Doug is obviously very excited with the outcome.

Everyone on campus that afternoon was invited to a reception held at the
Stanford Faculty Club afterwards. They all enjoyed themselves and
appreciated the chance to network with other like-minded folks, some of
which they have not met for a long time. Stephanie Schweighofer-Jones
and Julia Harms did a wonderful job putting that reception together.
Paul Saffo was our host for the evening. He really got the party going
with his insightful remarks. Along with Doug, he thanked Pierluigi
Zappacosta, Dan Lynch and Sun Microsystems for their donations, which
paid for the cost of the colloquium (allowing it to be offered free of
charge to the public). Similar appreciation was expressed to Andy
DiPaolo, Terry Winograd and Jean-Claude Latombe for enabling this
colloquium to happen at Stanford. Curt Carlson (CEO, SRI International),
along with Guerrino De Luca (CEO, Logitech) and Jeff Rulifson (Director,
Sun Lab), made the announcement that an "Engelbart Fellowship Fund",
designed to support Doug in his continued pursuit of his vision and
mission, is being started, and that Logitech and Sun have already
committed their support and contributions.

We had heard that there was a glitch in the live webcast at the start of
the second half (right after the break). Also, some participants were
not able to get their systems ready in time to get the live webcast, or
have been facing some technical difficulties in configuring their
systems to receive the webcast properly. We want the situation rectified
ASAP. Between Bootstrap and Stanford, we are putting together a
concerted effort to try to help everyone (who isn't already) get set up
properly before the next seminar. Let's try to help one another to
resolve this problem quickly. To provide a better assessment of the
situation, I would appreciate if everyone who has made an attempt to get
the webcast to help with taking a quick poll. The poll is on the web
now. You will find the URL to it at the bottom of this page.

We have decided to provide all registrants the access to the webcast
(despite what was announced at the class, if you are already registered,
then there will be no need to re-registered for on line access now). The
webcast access page URL has been updated; so please bookmark this new
URL <http://scpd.stanford.edu/pd/engelbart/online_reply.html> and make a
note of the username and password provided (you will be needing the
password to gain access fairly soon).

Please note that even if you are joining other colleagues when attending
the seminar (via webcast or broadcast), each individual will need to be
registered individually. This is the only way we can track who is in the
course, record attendance and participation, and be in a position to
issue Certificates of Completion at the end of the course. Therefore, if
you know someone who is in the course, but has not registered at SCPD
yet, please remind them to do so immediately. The registration page is
at <http://scpd.stanford.edu/pd/engelbart/access.html>. When you are
there, choose your primary mode of attendance (Online Webcast, SITN
Microwave Broadcast, etc.) and click through to the online registration
form and complete it.

You will be receiving a message from the course TA (Teaching Assistants)
imminently, providing details for your participation in online dialogue
and in the prototype DKR (Dynamic Knowledge Repository) project which
Doug mentioned at class. Those activities are an integral part of the
colloquium, so we look forward to your active participation. Again, the
colloquium website home page is at
<http://www.bootstrap.org/colloquium/>. Any news about the colloquium
will be posted there, so make sure you have that page bookmarked, and
visit it regularly.

The quick poll on the webcast experience is at
<http://www.bootstrap.org/colloquium/col_webcast_survey1.html>, please
do it NOW!

Thanks and regards,

Engelbart Colloquium Admin.


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