Re: [unrev-II] Session #2 - Moving People?

From: Bill & Sharon Bearden (
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 07:21:05 PST

From: "Bill & Sharon Bearden" <>

You correctly point out that tele-commuting still isn't as good as being there. One of the things that I really miss is not being
able to listen in on the discussions that happen after the lectures. I have tele-commuted for work and education. We have a ways
to go.

Alan Turing came up with a challenge he called (or someone called) the Turing Test. This was Turing's way of judging victory in
the effort to create Artifical Intelligence. I suggest that there should be a similar test for virtual presence. When you can't
tell the difference between being there and virtually being there, we have achieved the goal. Somewhere along the line, we will
reach a point where virtual presence will be good enough that it will make a difference in our energy problem.

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> Subject: Re: [unrev-II] Session #2 - Moving People?
> Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 11:07 PM
From: Gerald Pierce <>

Exactly so, Bill. We are at the dawn of the information age. Here, if
anywhere, we have rapidly evolving system dynamics. Even so I still
find myself thinking in terms of "going there" rather than "logging
on". Still I believe that as the communication band gets broader, I
will spend more visiting time right here rather than through some form
of transportation. (Although there is a loss in omitting the adventure
of travel) Within the decade we may be setting and talking "face to
face" via computer with the entire 150+ community participating in this
forum seeing each other, reacting to each other just like being in the
same room (I can't wait to see how they handle ambiance and pheromone

For instance, I spent a good part of today looking at how to collaborate
on the design of a piece of machinery using (perhaps) Extranet, VPN,
and/or NetMeeting technologies. The idea is to take the problem to the
experts via the web rather than bring the experts to one location. Even
if there was NOT a pending energy shortage, this would still be the best
answer (so far).

Gerald Pierce Q. E. D. Services


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