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Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 06:50:54 PST

From: "Bill & Sharon Bearden" <>

I found Eric's post to be very helpful. As one who doesn't deal regularly with knowledge on a theoretical level, having things
explained in terms I understand was a good first step for me.

Idea #1. How about we choose the design of a DKR as the problem that justifies building the first DKR (nice and recursive)? This
might be a domain in which more of us approach being Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Perhaps we even shrink the scope to the design
of the standard knowledge container.

Brooks says in The Mythical Man Month that we should plan on throwing one away. Because of this I am inclined to choose a small,
managable topic for the prototype DKR.

Idea #2. Someone else quoted Brooks already. If this is a book that is known to the group, another idea is to attempt to store
the knowledge contained in his book into the prototype DKR. The topic of the DKR would be management of Information Systems


> From: Eric Armstrong <>
> To: unrev2 <>
> Subject: [unrev-II] Towards a DKR
> Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 7:49 PM
> From: "Eric Armstrong" <>
> The workshop has made it abundantly clear that mankind is
> faced with deep, significant problems. It is equally clear
> that the "Dynamic Knowledge Repository" is the only significant
> place where technology can be leveraged to improve mankind's
> *ability* to solve complex problems.
> We have already greatly expanded our communication and publication
> technologies, with the result that we have an explosion of
> information. What is needed is a better way to harness, interact
> with, and utilize that knowledge base. Hence the importance of
> a "Dynamic Knowledge Repository".
> But what does such a thing look like? How does it work? How will
> it make a difference?

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