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Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 15:22:10 PST

From: Eric Armstrong <> wrote:

> From:
> When we address the issue of reduction, do we also
> include the issue of organization of information?
> ...To me, the issue of knowledge management includes deciding how best
> to organize the information for various purposes.

Organization clearly comes up as an issue. Taking a cue from the
Amazon-style rating system I mentioned in an earlier message,
perhaps there needs to be a concept of "underlying information
nuggets" that have an organization imposed on them by an external
page. The page I put together will likely differ from yours -- the
evaluations of others would make a case for the usability, correctness,
etc. of those pages.

Knowledge is fundamentally about what's important, as well as what's
right. So that evaluation system makes some sense. It's also about
information and it's organization, as you suggest.

Note: XML has some highly interesting features in this regard. It has
a lengthy set of linking possibilities, including multiple-link lists,
two-way links, and links between two documents that created in a
3rd, external document. It also has the very nice feature of document
references, which means that the referenced document is included
inline -- that makes it possible to compile a new document from
existing pieces, *without* having to use links to do it. Those pieces
can then be referenced from other pages, as well.

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