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From: Bernie DeKoven (bdk@cyberverse.com)
Date: Wed Jan 19 2000 - 15:15:45 PST

From: "Bernie DeKoven" <bdk@cyberverse.com>

We have been having a long conversation about the distinctions between
face-to-face and place-to-place collaboration on Howard Rheingold's
"Brainstorms" discussion group. I think that in this context it is best to
consider each as a "medium" for communication. Just like, for example, real
time chat is one medium, and asynchronous messaging another. The f2f medium
is clearly the richest of them all, frequently too rich for clear
communication, certainly too rich for controlled communication. It is full
of clues: visual, physical, pheremonic. Rather than to try to replace one
medium with another, I think we are best served by getting a deeper
understanding of what kinds of conversations each medium, and combination of
media, enables. As the alternatives proliferate, each medium becomes
somewhat redefined. Because there is a choice, we can make better use of the
choices. Rather than eliminate the f2f encounter, perhaps we will come to
understand it better, and use it for what it can best bring us.

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