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Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 13:12:02 PST

From: "Eric Armstrong" <>

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    Given Doug's vision of bootstrapping the world via B- and C-ness, given our shared observation that this takes place best, and perhaps only online, and our shared experiences of organizational life and the basic A-ness of it makes me think that the next stage of our cultural coevolution is going to take place outside of most organizational structures (business, educational, and government). That with the increasing prevalence of the net, the increasing success of distance learning and e-business, the increasing value of NASDAQ, that the organizations we are bootstrapping are perhaps only now emerging.
There is a strong chance that your estimate is correct. That, in effect, the potenial for success exists *only* if DKR is a distributed system...

The implication is that networking is more than a convenience which enables collaboration from a distance, but is an absolute necessity for B-activities to occur. (The traditional form of room-networking among professional societies being a case in point.)

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