[unrev-II] Augment/NLS

From: benay@dara-abrams.com
Date: Mon Jan 24 2000 - 12:40:28 PST

From: benay@dara-abrams.com

I do think that it would be worthwhile for us to figure
out how to make Augment/NLS available in some form
for the group to use. What I remember from the early
'80s at Tymshare were features that are still not available
in our systems. I think it would help us build our DKR
if we had the right tools to do it. We have lots of ideas but
I think we need to move into a concrete plan of action.
Perhaps, we need to set some objectives for what we'd like
to accomplish during the colloquium in terms of building
the DKR.



Benay Dara-Abrams
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