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Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 06:08:16 PST

From: "John \"sb\" Werneken" <>

Eric, my thanks for all the work you put in to your presentation!

I am NOT a computer person (except in the sense that a fairly good driver
might be a "car person", lol). But I have done DOS keystroke macros that
went on to several thousand lines, so I have some idea of what you are
talking about when you discuss linking design decisions comments and so
forth in to the code in an acceptable way. Makes sense to me!

And the Doug had to say what he seems destined to say about EVERYTHING: "I
was doing it in the 1960's". Maybe he was. Maybe he's an RMS who never found
his ESR.

Now I have a suggestion or comment. I don't understand your business of
programming enough to know if it is close to target; please let me know.

By analogy, to Microsoft and to Apache: Microsoft made it possible for
people like me to learn how to do mundane tasks with a computer. A
'faster-better-cheaper' by order(s) of magnitude, as far as how much
training I needed before I could figure out how to get some kinds of things
done. All of a sudden, Microsoft is everywhere; I think that is why.

Then Apache and Eric S Raymond et al evangelizing open source. Apache makes
it possible for the majority of world web sites to have a server that is
beyond doubt cheaper and is apparently at least as stable and capable, maybe
more so. Now Apache is everywhere. "faster-better-cheaper' by order(s) of

Somehow using links to comment code does not strike me the same way. I don't
see a ten or more fold expansion in the number of people able to do
significant programming. Or a ten-fold increase in programmer production.
Unless it would make a monster like Windows 2000 oodles easier to manage ?

So is the first "breakout" use really this?

I WOULD agree that if programmer productivity COULD be increased ten-fold,
that that WOULD be a real breakthrough killer use of the concept. I just
don't see this, doing that. Perhaps because as I said I don't program.


> Message: 1
> Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2000 14:09:27 -0800
> From: Eric Armstrong <>
> Subject: Source Code in XML
> I have a feeling that this effort will all be subsumed
> under the bootstrap project, eventually. I certainly
> hope so.
> In the meantime, here are some pointers to the open
> source effort:

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