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Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 10:20:33 PST

From: "Bernie DeKoven" <>

My friend Dave Winer who is attending the Davos conference in Switzerland
has a serendipitous story to relate in his recent mailing.

"I wasn't sure that Clinton and I were talking about the same thing
  until Schwab asked him a question after his speech. "Mr. President,"
  Schwab said, "do you have a message for the business leaders here at

  After a long pause he said "Find a shared vision." He expounded,
  telling the story of trade negotiations and economic imbalances
  between developed and developing nations. I felt he was stating the
  problems of the Internet industry using terms that made sense to him.
  My interpretation: Without a shared vision, something we agree on,
  growth can never really happen. As soon as a layer of progress is
  complete, the wars begin, and years of stagnation follow. This is the
  cycle of the software-slash-Internet industry, and it looks
  (thanks to patents, more on that later) as if we might be about to loop
  around once again. "

I guess our task, then, as we go about building the technical
infrastructure, might be to put it to use in the name of vision sharing.

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From: Daniela U.Trocan <>

If we continue to nvent the atomic bomb with cavalier disregard for the
consequences, they will be dire for as long as the creators don't take
responsibility for the impact of their creations. If anything, the global
village environment should've made it clear to each and all that we are
connected and responsible for the whole lot of us.

I do happen to agree with Doug's view of high performance 'outpost' leading
into the future and out of the current threatening stuation [created by our
lack of perspective as a community, I might add] in just the nick of time to
escape our own extinction [through moral irresponsibility], quite possibly.

I find it very excited that we are, in fact, on the verge of unleashing the
necessary technology. But before What I would like to insist on the moral
dimension of Doug's attempt to bring people and organizations together in
bootstrapping effort. To me it's a matter of doing things in the most
effective way: any and all technological advances will be quite meaningless
humanity manages to self-distruct anyway. It follows that it would be a
complete waste of time and effort to pursue any, in the absence of
constant attention given to our co-evolution as a constructive society as

What I propose then, is that the technological efforts ahould be
with the advances of high performance teams/organizatons working in the
of human evolution on the 'soft' organizational requirements. What kind of
people will those be who will be capable of wielding all the technological
progress that's been talked about at the colloquium for progerss not for
personal instant gratification? For co-evolution not for war (which bringe
huge almost instanteneous profits)? So far the conclusion of the discussion
here, on our list, seems to have been that the answer cannot be found in
today's corporations.

I propose that any effort of finding technological answers to our problems
a global society should be accomponied by an equal effort to develop
techniques of evolving our conscience / self-awareness / spiritual

Daniela U. Trocan
Business Coach

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