Re: [unrev-II] Note on DKR editing

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2000 - 15:31:53 PST

From: Eric Armstrong <> wrote:
> Does the poster have any recourse to correcting such errors in a
> DKR? Alternatively, ought DKR editors have the authority to correct
> errors without consent and/or notification of the poster? ...
> such errors may cause hyperlinking problems, or may slow down a user's
> (man or machine) grasp of a topic, or may, perhaps unwittingly, give a
> false steer. In short, they may be sand in the gears.
We haven't touched on this subject at all, to date. But I, too,
have "one more bright idea" to add after posting -- and sometimes the
idea is, "I shouldn't post that!".

Additions are not too hard in a hierarchical document/email system.
But nothing we've said or done so far addresses the concept of
I'd love to see something that addressed that point.

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