[unrev-II] Note on DKR editing

From: vaneyken@sympatico.ca
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 12:01:58 PST

From: vaneyken@sympatico.ca

Maybe I am speaking up too soon, but then again, this course will be
over if I wait a few weeks.

Presumably, editors working on a DKR will do their best to remove errors
when they recognize them. Forget for now a comprehensive description of
the types of errors we human beings and our artificial brains are
capable of making. But just as an example, I made two posts to this
discussion and right away I had some afterthoughts. One item should
perhaps not have been posted at all ("Bootstrapping," Jan. 19). Both
contain spelling errors and one a bad error in the use of language. (I
wrote something like "comparison between this vs that.")

Does the poster have any recourse to correcting such errors in an actual
DKR? Alternatively, ought DKR editors have the authority to correct
errors without consent and/or notification of the poster? Consider that
such errors may cause hyperlinking problems, or may slow down a user's
(man or machine) grasp of a topic, or may, perhaps unwittingly, give a
false steer. In short, they may be sand in the gears.

I apologize if the topic has been covered. Needing all my spare time
for this (fascinating) course, I didn't do a "literature search."


P.S. I am often horrified at the errors I make and the inconsistencies
in style on my site. Only excuse: lots to do and little time to do
it in. But is this a valid excuse? H.

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