Re: [unrev-II] Am I the only dummy around here?

From: Eugene Kim (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 21:13:45 PST

From: Eugene Kim <>

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Jon Winters wrote:

> I'm following along reading all the posts. I'm a little dissappointed
> with the list. (35 of 1200 folks taking the class)
> We might want to start a thread discussing the factors that might have
> caused the failure.

Henry's original post was about video quality, but I want to follow Jon's
suggestion here as well as expand on the implications of the subject line.
I think the main reason there haven't been more participants on this
mailing list is that the posts are too long. That's not surprising; there
are lots of thought-provoking things being said, and those are going to be
long. If we considers ourselves participants in a bootstrapping
experiment, then this is a flaw that Roy Pea raised last week. You want
bright people to be involved in the discussions, but the bright ones tend
to be the busiest.

Another reason why I think discussion here has been relatively unfocused
is that the colloquium itself has been unfocused. That's undoubtedly by
design; Doug is trying to cover a heckuva lot of ground, and the guest
speakers and (I suspect) we participants come from diverse backgrounds.
One of the predominant threads on this list has been about designing the
OHS. I think that's fantastic, and I have found the messages fascinating,
but I'm sure this discussion has driven others from the list, and in
truth, I don't think it really belongs here. (Eric mentioned a new
mailing list at some point; I think that will be a big help.)

Regarding the content of the class itself, before I participated in this
colloquium, I heard Doug speak about three times, all on the same topic.
I didn't really start understanding what he was talking about until this
colloquium's first session. And as I commented at last week's session, I
realized after Jeff Rulifson's presentation that I hadn't completely
gotten it. I'd be curious to hear other people's thoughts on this,
whether they feel they grasp what Doug is trying to teach, and what they
think about the general direction of the class.


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