RE: [unrev-II] Mental Arthmetic, Calculators, and Armageddon

From: Bill Bearden (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 14:26:25 PST

From: "Bill Bearden" <>

[Off topic, sorry...]

Sounds like grist for a sci-fi story. A separate, "backup" society is
maintained that does everything the old way. They still add, subtract, read,
and write. They are there just in case "the lights go out". They are
segregated so that they can never learn that there is an easier way.

The moral dilemma... They also can't benefit from knowledge that they
couldn't discover. So, they are still allowed to die of cancer and heart
attacks even though their keepers have found cures.

> Subject: [unrev-II] Mental Arthmetic, Calculators, and Armageddon
> From: Eric Armstrong <>
> Henry van Eyken wrote:
> >
> > Further in this thread, especially on the subject of traditional


> Interesting reading.
> But I can't help but wonder where we wind up in the future.


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