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Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 23:29:12 PST

From: "Gil Regev" <>

Here's another tool that could be added to the list. The tool is called
Knoware and I am developing it as part of my doctoral work. It is a Java
applet that implements a collaborative concept mapping or mind mapping
space. The applet relies on a server that stores all concepts, relationships
and attached documents and links in a relational database and sends them
back to the applet as XML string. The applet queries the server through
simple http requests. The applet was tested with Netscape 4.07 and up and IE
4.01 and up on Windows and Linux. On the Mac it needs IE 4.0 or higher. It
doesn't run with Netscape on the Mac. You can check out 2 public sites that
demonstrate the tool: public site. No cleanup or
moderation. This is total anarchy.
This site is an attempt at starting up a discussion following a workshop on
multi-cultural design of collaborative environments that I attended at the
Group 99 conference, Phoenix, November 99.Other than that I very much
appreciate the list you've put up. I especially like the Conklin's (gdss)
and Shippman's (formalization considered harmful) articles which I have
known for some time now.


Gil Regev
Institute for computer Communications and Applications
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL-ICA)
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