Re: [unrev-II] Improving education (why are we doing what?)

From: Jeff Miller (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 14:48:21 PST

From: Jeff Miller <>

On Sun, Feb 20, 2000 at 05:50:19PM -0800, Eric Armstrong wrote:
> It strikes me that one would get a better general education
> in chemisty by reading "popular" science books (like The
> Selfish Gene -- Dawkins appears to have taken the torch
> from Azimov, in that regard).

It's a pity dead authors can't write we may end up with some more
classics. May be one day may end up with something like the matrix - from
dr who not the movie. In which the experiences, etc of the dieing
individual are stored. This would be part of the ultimate DKR.

> Maybe a stated long-term for the DKR should be the support
> for home-learning. That provides an income proposition
> (home learners dial in to central server for latest course
> content, for example). It provides people who want to keep
> their kids out of the "Lord of the Flies" societies that
> our educational institutions have become with the option to
> do so, even if they don't know enough to do the teaching
> themselves. And it makes "event-driven" instruction possible
> (you go on to Calc 3 when you've learned Calc 2) instead
> of "time-driven" (you go on to Calc 3 after 12 weeks, even
> if your "C" indicates that you only got part of the material.)

Good idea. just need to have some form of drive to keep the person going
otherwise some people would never get moving! This includes me, at school
I did not enjoy some subjects, but I needed to learn them regardless.


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