Re: [unrev-II] DKR/OHS: 5 Authoring Requirements

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 15:38:30 PST

From: Eric Armstrong <>

Jack Park wrote:
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> From: Eric Armstrong <>
> <vast snippage/>
> > TBD: Should node types be pre-defined? If they are, it
> > prevents one person from specifying "Design Idea" while
> > another specifies "Design Note" or "Design Topic".
> > Without that regularity, it becomes impossible to ensure
> > that a query has accessed all the relevant information.
> > On the other hand, on-going investigations into "wicked
> > problems" may need to organize as they go. So it may be
> > best to allow node-type creation on the fly.
> >
> It would seem to be prudent, here, to give thought to all the efforts
> to build an ontology for the web. The underlying notion seems to be
> that without a consistent ontology, the web might just grow into an
> unsearchable maze of information. With one, the web might become a
> gigantic knowledge base.
> I would suggest that the design process, in every
> instance possible, look to the idea of an interlingua, a common
> ontology on which all users can base their actions. Creating node
> types on the fly, IMHO, flies against the winds of usability.
> Just my 0.02 euros
> Jack Park
Must be inflation. That sure as heck looks like a dollar's worth.
Your logic appears immpeccable to me.

Follow up questions:
  * Who/what is pursing the goal of "an ontology for the Web"?
  * Which of the ongology references in the list I sent out
    recently would reccommend most highly? Are there others
    you prefer? Any good books?

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