Re: [unrev-II] Profound Thinking (was: Improving education (why are we doing what?))

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 15:10:25 PST

From: Eric Armstrong <>

> Gil Regev wrote:
> I know you're right Eric but that's probably where interdisciplinarity
> breaks down.
Hmmm. Good point. Interdisciplinary is a good thing, to an
extent. At the moment, we're just trying to compensate for
tools we don't have, and doing the best we can with what
we've got.

For example, in some of the DKR/OHS-conceptualizing that's
gone on up to this point, I've assumed it would be desirable
to "register interest" in a document at one of several
  a) Keep the latest version only
  b) Maintain the latest version and all prev versions
  c) Track all the ongoing discussions on that document

I might be interested in the latest version of the high level
energy report, for example, but choose to ignore the detailed
discussions over measurement methodologies and accuracy of
conclusions drawn from the data. All I want is a snapshot
that refreshes from time to time.

In a similar vein, it might make sense to register interest
in document types. The "type" would declare the intended
audience for the document (layman, specialist, for example).
In the energy area, I might select "layman only", and never
see the more abstruse documents intended for specialists in
the field.

With a strongly functional system, those overview documents
might be kept up to date more readily than is currently the
case. (In the nutrition field, it is 5 years before research
gets published in layman's language, 10 years before it
becomes widely know among the "experts", 10-20 years before
it is common knowledge, and 30-40 years before doctors hear
about it.

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