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Furthering the thoughts of putting in some kind of a tip of the iceberg
page, please have a look at:
And please tell me what you think would be better contents wise. Note
that quite a few of the heading currently point to nada, this is just a
draft to play with.
>> Eric, your manual DKR'ing effort is great. What are we going to do
>> with
>> the top level distilations, that which may help people get some parts
>> of
>> this quickly?
>> There has been some talk of registering and creatingan
>> overview/list of links there to answer basic questions and point
>> people
>> in the right direction
>> Should we all try to cordinate such an effort? Would it be worthwhile?
>You raise good thoughts. High-level distillations are needed, along
>with ratings of the books and links as to
>a) Readability
>b) "Importance" of content
>c) Other criteria??
>All very subjective, of course, but using the delphi effect, we
>combine everyone's subjective evaluations into something that is
>probably as accurate as it can be.>
Frode Hegland
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