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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 11:54:33 PST

From: Henry van Eyken <>

First off, I am glad to see a forceful approach at continuing an important
piece of work. Am I correct in assuming that this will be a, for want of
better words, a "professional level" website?

Reason for me asking is this. I feel that the concepts, urgency, and
potential applications should be more in the public eye -- which is not
exactly the same as saying they should be infected by all the typical faults
of popularization. I had in mind to dedicate Fleabyte fairly explicitly to
this purpose, which actually is not at all a change in direction, but more in

On the other hand, Fleabyte is still very much a one-person operation and,
let's be realistic, that simply won't do. After ten months of publication, I
believe the fundamental concept is (mostly) sound, but it, too, requires an
editorial team and attract writers. I am thinking of a level somewhere
between The Economist and Newsweek with a fairly strict discipline -- all
that without paying a cent. Am I dreaming? Quite possibly if not likely.

It has also caught my attention that Eric is a fine writer, fast worker,
author, and has an artistic bent. Am I wrong in believing that we might see
coming off the presses one day a book about bootstrapping, one that addresses
the "middle-intelligentia"?

I certainly would like to hear how others feel about it, but I know that some
important players in our group are busy, busy, busy.

Personally, I am in no way hung up on "my" site, the name Fleabyte, or any of
those notions. At age 72, this cannot be for me a long-term effort anyway.
The important thing is an effective effort directed toward coping with
change. In my own mind, the scope does not include how to save the Earth or
what political processes to pursue, but merely to deal with demonstrating a
need for public computency, show what urgencies exists, include a news line
that informs where things are going in the short-term, demonstrate how it
will serve the common good, come to grips with defining it, and try to lay
out helpful tracks for those who wish to acquire it. It very much includes an
understanding of Man and the nature of his mind -- the Number One computer.

One question I must face is: do I have the talent to attract and direct a
team to handle this? Answer, I am sad to admit, most probably not. Therefore
needed: a first-rate managing editor.

How would this fit in with the othersites? Are we diluting efforts too much?

In the meantime, I have accepted to help The Bootstrap Institute with their
website. In terms of priorities, that clearly comes ahead of Flerabyte.


Frode Hegland wrote:

> From: "Frode Hegland" <>
> Furthering the thoughts of putting in some kind of a tip of the iceberg
> page, please have a look at:
> And please tell me what you think would be better contents wise. Note
> that quite a few of the heading currently point to nada, this is just a
> draft to play with.
> >> Eric, your manual DKR'ing effort is great. What are we going to do
> >> with
> >> the top level distilations, that which may help people get some parts
> >> of
> >> this quickly?
> >>
> >> There has been some talk of registering and creatingan
> >> overview/list of links there to answer basic questions and point
> >> people
> >> in the right direction
> >>
> >> Should we all try to cordinate such an effort? Would it be worthwhile?
> >You raise good thoughts. High-level distillations are needed, along
> >with ratings of the books and links as to
> >a) Readability
> >b) "Importance" of content
> >c) Other criteria??
> >All very subjective, of course, but using the delphi effect, we
> >combine everyone's subjective evaluations into something that is
> >probably as accurate as it can be.>
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> The Liquid Information Company
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common literacy, is regarded as essential
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