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Date: Tue Feb 29 2000 - 22:03:01 PST

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    From: "John \"sb\" Werneken" <johnwerneken@netzero.net>

    Never heard of Magister Ludi. I guess I missed your post. I did just now
    find http://www.magisterludi.com/. I see they have a CBT course offered and
    do media stuff.

    Perhaps you could sketch what they do offer, my review was very hasty.

    MG Taylor per the Foresight on-line book do an immersive 3-day event. Very
    very face-to-face. I take it to be a team-building exercise, available to
    people who might otherwise be opponents/competitors or at any rate NOT see
    themselves as members of one team, with the team then taking a free-slate
    look at a significant problem and then building a supported recommended

    Management retreats generally do this sort of stuff; the two interesting
    parts are that this model works with people who pre-event were NOT team
    members, and that this model combines a creative approach and a willingness
    to tackle "paradigm" issues (what business are we in, who are our customers)
    with the usual options inventory and consensus-building.

    I don't recall running in to a service like this when I was doing community
    development stuff or labor relations stuff - it sure would have been of
    great practical interest to me at those times.
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      Just curious. What exactly do you find that stimulating? I ask because a
    while back I mused that what the unrev group needed was a Magister Ludi, and
    now you are pointing us at one.

      Jack Park

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