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From: Jack Park (
Date: Wed Mar 01 2000 - 07:10:14 PST

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    From: "Jack Park" <>

    Actually, Magister Ludi is the subtitle of Hesse's book The Glass Bead Game.
    A Magister Ludi, if I understand Hesse at all, is a Bead Master, the game
    master. MG Taylor appears to have taken that concept to its modern
    implementation, complete with a batch of glyphs to satisfy the original
    intent of the game. Others on the web have just put together hyperlinked
    text-based discussions, usually with someone acting as a director, or
    Magister Ludi. Sorry for the confusion.

    My original thinking was that something along that line would (could?) serve
    this discussion group well. The downside is always that themes are
    determined by the game master and that carries with it many of the usual
    consequences of peer review.

    Jack Park

    > From: "John \"sb\" Werneken" <>
    > Never heard of Magister Ludi. I guess I missed your post. I did just now
    > find I see they have a CBT course offered
    > do media stuff.
    > Perhaps you could sketch what they do offer, my review was very hasty.
    > MG Taylor per the Foresight on-line book do an immersive 3-day event. Very
    > very face-to-face. I take it to be a team-building exercise, available to
    > people who might otherwise be opponents/competitors or at any rate NOT see
    > themselves as members of one team, with the team then taking a free-slate
    > look at a significant problem and then building a supported recommended
    > solution.
    > Management retreats generally do this sort of stuff; the two interesting
    > parts are that this model works with people who pre-event were NOT team
    > members, and that this model combines a creative approach and a
    > to tackle "paradigm" issues (what business are we in, who are our
    > with the usual options inventory and consensus-building.
    > I don't recall running in to a service like this when I was doing
    > development stuff or labor relations stuff - it sure would have been of
    > great practical interest to me at those times.
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    > John,
    > Just curious. What exactly do you find that stimulating? I ask because
    > while back I mused that what the unrev group needed was a Magister Ludi,
    > now you are pointing us at one.
    > Jack Park
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