Re: [unrev-II] How DKR Penetration Will Be Achieved

From: Eugene Kim (
Date: Sat Mar 04 2000 - 16:47:44 PST

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    From: Eugene Kim <>

    On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > The *may* be improving their capability to improve, but I would
    > argue that their goal is to improve productivity. In other words,
    > they are engaging explicitly in a B-process. I'm going to hazard
    > a guess that any other effects are unintended, happening by chance.

    This is a tough one. Even when your primary goal is to improve your
    ability to improve, isn't the underlying goal always going to be improving
    productivity? In the example of centralized cafeterias, you are improving
    your ability to improve by creating an environment where you facilitate
    communication among your employees, which in turns potentially leads to
    improvement. That's why I consider it a C activity.

    Perhaps I'm miscomprehending the differences between B and C activities.
    What are some examples of what you consider a C activity?

    > That idea is preposterous of course (the office rearrangement,
    > I mean). But that is one way to construe "improving your ability
    > to improve". And the difficulty of actually implementing tasks
    > of that nature may suggest why it receives so little attention.

    Not to get hung up on my cafeteria example, but I'm not sure what makes
    the "office-on-skids" example a C activity, but not centralizing your
    cafeterias. Perhaps other examples could help clarify our understanding
    of B and C activities.


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