[unrev-II] Better use of unrev-II forum features as frontend for DKR

From: Peter P. Yim (peter_yim@bootstrap.org)
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 07:15:42 PST

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    From: "Peter P. Yim" <peter_yim@bootstrap.org>

    One of the reasons why ONElist was picked as a platform to develop our
    UnRev community was that it offers a lot of features. In fact, they
    added some more lately.

    Besides having a good suite of administration and membership maintenance
    features, it offers the following major ones now :

    (a) Post and distribution of threaded messages.
    (b) Files sharing space (upto 20MB) allowing files to be uploaded into
    user created folders.
    (c) Shared Calendar, with auto-reminder feature.
    (d) Polls, with live results display.
    (e) Links sharing, as contributed by users. (Ref my other posting
    (f) Database
    (g) Chat

    Except for (a) above, we've hardly exploited any of the other features.

    The original plan was to use this forum as the capturing front-end
    (accumulating distributed contributions of threaded discussions, links,
    files, ...) and then process by synthesizing and transferring over to
    the Bootstrap Server as the physical repository.

    So far, the progress on message postings (threaded discussions) have
    been marvelous -- active user contributions, hypermail process
    converting to HTML and archiving at Bootstrap server, Eric synthesizing,
    ... etc.
    The rest can use some work.

    Given enough volunteers, may I suggest that we have one person
    designated to "moderate" each of the above features. That way, their
    usefulness can be better and more quickly developed.

    Comments, Eric? Doug?

    Any suggestions, volunteers?


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