Re: [unrev-II] Better use of unrev-II forum features as frontend for DKR

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 14:47:04 PST

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    From: Eric Armstrong <>

    "Peter P. Yim" wrote:

    > ...
    > (a) Post and distribution of threaded messages.
    > ...
    > Except for (a) above, we've hardly exploited any of the other
    > features.

    > The original plan was to use this forum as the capturing front-end
    > (accumulating distributed contributions of threaded discussions,
    > links,
    > files, ...) and then process by synthesizing and transferring over to
    > the Bootstrap Server as the physical repository.
    > So far, the progress on message postings (threaded discussions) have
    > been marvelous -- active user contributions, hypermail process
    > converting to HTML and archiving at Bootstrap server, Eric
    > synthesizing,
    > ... etc.
    > The rest can use some work.
    > Given enough volunteers, may I suggest that we have one person
    > designated to "moderate" each of the above features. That way, their
    > usefulness can be better and more quickly developed.
    > Comments, Eric? Doug?
    > Any suggestions, volunteers?

    Good ideas, Peter. I think the discussion tonight will point to the kind
    thing we really need -- or at least a first step in that direction.

    As for the OneList archives being "threaded", maybe I've gone to the
    place. All I've seen there is a list that forces you to choose a list
    that contains
    messages for a range of dates -- a pretty useless arrangment for
    or browsing.

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