Re: [unrev-II] DKR: Collab Doc Rqmts, v0.2

Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 14:18:51 PST

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    Fine Work. The idea of Collaboration is certainly fundamental in DKR

    What I am seeing is two requirments type documents that need work: The
    DKR spec and the OHS spec. First, there is the need to define the
    boundaries of the specifications (or minimum requirements) for the OHS
    and the DKR. The OHS needs definitions of the type of documents that can
    be incorporated (web/mail/newsgroup) and the DKR needs definitions of
    how the documents can be input and accessed by the users.

    For example, the user should have access to a complete and navigable
    view of all the nodes and node relationships in the DKR, but is this a
    function of the DKR or the OHS?

    I think we need to get these into a form that is easily accessible and
    has the presentaion capabilities that will be required. Can we use the
    new Web site as a location for candidate documents?

    Best Regards,
    Joe D Williams

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