Re: [unrev-II] Survey 7, under the shower and over drinks

Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 23:31:31 PST

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    How about thinking of this 'penetration' just in terms of the motovated
    individual involved in a motovated task group with a goal that is
    clearly enough stated so as to occupy the majority of the group's work
    energy. Now suppose you were able to deliver to this motovated group a
    tool that can be easily shown to improve the effectivity of each
    individual contribution to the task as well as being leveraged into the
    next higher level task.

    If the tool is compelling due to its efficiency and convenience, and has
    (sufficient) permanence, then users will come to the tool. Think of the
    technolgy that has been lost becasue the marked-up napkin and some parts
    of the surrounding and futrue thoughts never made it into the

    This known, then it becomes necessary to help define this tool by adding
    detail to the OHS and DKR descriptions.

    I just finished reading the newest version of the W3C DOM Level 2. It
    seems easy for me to see that XML is being designed especially for
    document information items of the nature we wish to use in the DKR.
    Also, the modern web browser, using the current HTML DOM, gives
    capabilties required for advanced hyperdocument processing.

    Best Regards,
    Joe D Williams

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