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From: Jack Park (
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 10:29:39 PST

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    From: "Jack Park" <>

    SlashDot today has a few comments regarding that article in relation to a
    web site on nanomedicine:

    Perhaps of greater immediate peril to those of us building knowledge-based
    systems is the topic of this thread about a recent patent:
    and the patent is here:

    Jack Park
    > From: Jon Winters <>
    > Hi,
    > Found a story this morning on /. that is related to some of the things we
    > have been talking about...
    > Found this in my morning news sweep. I'm looking forward to reading his
    > full 25 page article tomorrow. We covered the possibilities he mentions
    > in the bootstrap class that I have been taking.
    > Checkit:
    > Now is the time to consider all theese issues so we can prevent an
    > accident in the future.
    > A few suggestions that were made in our class were to make the self
    > replicating machines in such a way that they can only replicate in certain
    > controlled environments that do not exist in nature. (while being flooded
    > by X-rays for example) If replicators get released into the wild they will
    > die off in one generation.
    > Mutants have me worried. Researchers are considering mutation and natural
    > selection so that nano machines can evolve and self optimize. Care must
    > be taken to prevent them from mutating the security measures mentioned
    > above.
    > I remember reading some stuff written by Tom Ray that talked about letting
    > software mutate in the lab and then dis-abling its ability to reproduce
    > when it is time to harvest the program and put it to use.
    > Can the same concepts be applied to Nanotech?
    > --
    > Jon Winters
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