[unrev-II] Notes on Node Versions in Shared Hierarchies

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 19:00:12 PST

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    From: Eric Armstrong <eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com>

    Let's say that one content-node is part of two documents.
    In the process of editing Document1, you make a change to that node.
    What happens to Document2??

    Option 1:
       Document 2 gets the newly edited node. That's going to be good
       when the change is minor, or accuracy is improved. But what it
       you made wholesale edits and radically alter the contents of that
       node. Will Document 2 still make sense?

    Option 2:
       Document 2 continues to refer to the old node, unaffected by changes
       to the Document 1 version. In the case of radical changes, that might

       make sense. But then haven't we isolated the changes? That pretty
       well kills the potential benefit of sharing the node.

    Option 3:
      The Document author decides. In Desktop Publishing terms, you
      choose whether you want a "live link" to the object (which means that
      the most recent version is always displayed in your document) or
      a "copy" of the object (which means you get the original version).

    An XML "entity reference" is, in essence, a "live link". To keep from
    having to make copies of a node, we'll need a "fixed link" form of the
    entity reference. One that gives the name and version of the node,
    rather than just the name, so that the same version is instantiated

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