Re: [unrev-II] Notes on Node Versions in Shared Hierarchies

Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 16:32:28 PST

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    re: what happens when one node is part of two documents and a change is
    made in one document that affects the common node?

    This is a function of the DKR, to maintain the old node with its
    connetions, while allowing creation of the revised node, with its
    connections. One of these connections must be to the original node.
    The OHS allows will notify the user of the node origin and connections
    and that a new connected node is being created.

    re: in a dynamic repository, what happens when a node is eing editied by
    two different users?

    The OHS will notify the DKR that the use rintends to change the node.
    The DKR will notify the OHS if another user wishes to change. The OHS
    will present aids to collaboration, like shared screens.

    This implies that the OHS is a networked system with shared access to
    the DKR and all users.

    Joe D Williams

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