Re: [unrev-II] Re: An Extensibility Architecture

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 15:57:49 PST

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    From: Eric Armstrong <>

    Interesting note:
       Sanskrit is a totally regular language without all the exceptions
    we acquired organically over thousands of years.

    Amaya (sp?) is *another* totally regular language -- from South
    America, dating from a similar time period.

      HOW does a totally regular language exist without a widespread
      education structure to keep it that way?

      HOW can two such civilizations have existed without ever coming
      into contact? It strains credulity to think they never were. So
      how closely intertwined were they????


    Jack Park wrote:

    > From: "Jack Park" <>
    > > From: Eric Armstrong <>
    > >
    > > Paul, I really wish I could disagree with you. I just can't.
    > > I agree with most every argument you made -- especially
    > > the points about native types. After learning some 20 languages,
    > > I'm *still* on the prowl for a really, really good one.
    > >
    > Ever look at Sanskrit? It's been posited as a great AI language :-)
    > Jack
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