Re: [unrev-II] College Majors.

From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 16:15:34 PST

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    From: Henry van Eyken <>

    Very quickly:

    1. I subscribe to what Eric Armstrong told you.

    2. "If I had to do things over again, knowing what I know now ..." then I would
    put far more stock in mathematics at an earlier age. It is not only a very
    important key to many fields, it is an excellent discipline in itself.

    3. It used to be "reading, writing and 'rithmetic." Better: "reading, writng,
    sketching (i.e. applied visualization), mathematics, computer algorithmms."
    Learn at least one computer language with a view to becoming comfortable with
    algorithms. Expert programmers will, of course, know far better than I do, but
    this rank amateur believes that the algorithmics aspect of languages is key and
    universal. I have the impression that many people tend to mislead others by
    putting too much emphasis on peripheral issues are what routines are
    "prepackaged" for some efficiency of use. That sort of stuff is likely to
    change over time. A simple BASIC ought to do just fine. The opportunity to write
    so-called spaghetti code is not a bad way to learn why and how to avoid it. I
    know, many earnest people rant against spaghetti code, usually in spaghetti

    4. Bear in mind that the practice of library science tomorrow may bear not that
    much resemblance to library science yesterday. Following the DKR project,
    especially the design considerations that are going into it and the criticisms
    levelled against them, ought to stand you in good stead. Let it be the reasoning
    that counts. DKR designs may change over time, but sound reasoning makes for
    excellent exercises.

    5. Top-notch arts education with a worldly perspective so as to learn to see
    things through any other person's glasses.

    6. Realize that whoever advises you may be wrong,



    UglySpineHead wrote:

    > From: "UglySpineHead" <>
    > I'm a junior in High School right now, and as my senior year rapidly
    > approaches I've been mulling over collage choices and what majors I might go
    > into. I'm very interested in continuing my involvement with Bootstrap and
    > related future-thinking activities (Foresight et al.). Right now I'm leaning
    > towards being a Library Science major, and take a variety of other courses
    > to round out my learning.
    > My question is: What subject majors in college would be most helpful for
    > somebody considering dedicating their life to the Bootstrap Institute or
    > related organizations?
    > And what colleges would you recommend? I'm open to so-called 'alternative
    > learning' places of education (in fact I think I might prefer it).
    > Atmosphere and locality are also rather important to me.
    > Additionally: Does anybody know of any good scholarships for somebody who
    > was so busy not letting his education get in the way of his learning that
    > his grades suffered because of it?
    > Thanks for your time.
    > We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.
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