Re: [unrev-II] Unrev Site V3

From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 03:53:53 PST

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    From: Henry van Eyken <>

    NOTE TO MARY: Would you be so kind, please, to pass this copy on to Ms Su
    Ling. I haven't received her e-mail address yet. Henry

    Hi, Frode:

    I am responding here directly to this, your, e-mail of February 27, and
    thereby setting to the side our subsequent exchanges. You will realize that,
    especially subsequent to agreeing to take on the role of webmaster for the
    Bootstrap Institute site, I have gone through an extended period of
    information and work overload and also that I had not been thoroughly
    apprised of the precise relationships and individuals' functions within
    Doug's team. Still not, actually. The reason is, of course, that everybody
    tried to cope as well they can and still breathe.

    This writing is precipitated by two streams of ongoing action. One follows
    from my giving thought to how best to give presence to post-colloquium
    developments on the site, which to me indicates a replacing of the contents
    of the current colloquium folder on the site. The other stream of action is,
    it appears to me, your thoughts and activities along an, if not identical,
    then similar train of thought.

    The messages I have on file are an expressed suggestion by Doug E. that we
    work together and also a go-ahead to proceed with work on the Colloquium part
    of the site, replacing the existing one with its "pre-Colloquium" content.

    Just looking again at the correspondence we had made me look again at your
    unrev2 V.3 pages. What I perceive in your unrev2 V.3 -- and, please, bear in
    mind that I have not seen (and probably not ever received) your original
    proposal for your unrev2 work -- is a, to my mind, elegant mock-up reflecting
    your take on how post-Colloquium activities might be crystallized on the
    site. And quite sophisticated as well. But I am left guessing still as to the
    precise objectives.

    I recognize that you have given thought to how to proceed with publicizing
    the DKR work. In this, you are way ahead of me still and will be for some
    time to come. I presume you have been following the DKR debate and

    If you are puzzled by what I have been doing the last two weeks while
    apparently ignoring your contributions to Doug's site and the Institute,
    well, you will understand how things came about.

    I am looking forward to your frank appraisal of the situation so as to
    establish how we can best co-operate without undue delays. In the meantime, I
    must proceed, of course, with some very mundane work that needs attended to,
    i.q. publishing the unedited transcripts of the Colloquium sessions, then
    bringing transcripts and graphics together, coming to terms with a suitable
    mode of editing those transcripts, accomodating the Colloquium survey work
    that Peter Yim is still engaged in, etc. Lot of it very dull, time-consuming
    stuff and in that sense not quite meeting with Mrs Van Eyken's approval! It
    is from these realities, the lack of manpower, and future uncertainties about
    commitments that I so strongly favor a simple web-page design that anybody
    can step into and work with at any time.

    Hope you appreciate the situation and looking forward to your response about
    how we can best in an efficient manner add to one another's efforts,


    Frode Hegland wrote:

    > From: "Frode Hegland" <>
    > Version 3 is now up of the proposed site, complete with the
    > 'How to Join' link.
    > Please have a look and comment:
    > Considering that this is intended as a meta site with links to
    > information elsewhere, this might be a good time to formally suggest what
    > should be under the different headings.
    > I particular, the resource section. I have seen so many links to great
    > sites float by in the mailing list. Does anyone want to take it upon him
    > or herself to gather together a great page of indexed links relevant to
    > Bootstraping?
    > Henry, I hope a lot of the Fleabyte work can be directly linked in here,
    > in the meta site spirit.
    > Peter, maybe you want to put up a page in front of themailing list
    > explaining how everything there works?
    > Anyway, lets tighten the web.
    > P.S.
    > Yes, th mouseovers seem a little bouncy in places for this revision I
    > noticed, but that will be gone soon.
    > Frode Hegland
    > Director
    > The Liquid Information Company
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